Shir Ami Bucks County, PA CongregationNewtown, Pennsylvania Reform Synagogue
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101 Richboro Road • Newtown, PA 18940

MAIN OFFICE: 215-968-3400
RELIGIOUS SCHOOL: 215-968-3254

Women of Shir Ami

Mission Statement

The Women of Shir Ami is the organization representing the women of our congregation. We join together in friendship, for prayer, study, and for social activities. And for programs to benefit the congregation and the community, the community, and beyond.     It is our hope that within our organization that each individual has the opportunity to fulfill her potential as a Jewish woman. The Women of Shir Ami provides the arena for an individual to expand and grow in the Jewish atmosphere.   For more information go to our website:  
Interested in joining the Women of Shir Ami? For more information, please download the Women of Shir Ami Brochure